Day 4

After a rough day 3, day 4 absolutely rocked! I got a lot of sleep last night, which I really needed. I was sad that my friend Bob didn’t make it to camp, but decided to press on even though I was lonely. I left camp at 8:30 and made it to Blue Mountain Shelter at 11:30. After refilling my water, I ran into Zip Code, Ice Pack, and Fisher. We talked about the rain headed our way and tried to decide a game plan. Around 12:30, the rain had gotten a little heavier and we pushed down to Unicoi Gap. Ice Pack wanted to hike on, but Fisher, Zip Code, and I decided to get into town. On the ride down, we got poured on! It rained all afternoon, but we had hot showers an clean clothes! After texting and calling everyone, I was worn out. Had another great day! Tomorrow promises to be tough with a 1.4-mile, 1046 foot elevation gain right out of the gap. Promises of cheeseburgers at Tray Mountain will push me through though!


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