Day 25
Started off as a rough morning. I was feeling lonely and had a long day planned. The trail undulated quite a bit, finally going downhill a little before climbing Roan Mountain. There had been a lot of trail reroutes on this mountain, making it an easier climb, but really throwing me off mileage-wise! The climb was really rough, the last mile climbing 1000 feet and having three false summits. When I got to the top, I met with Country, Miles, Davy Jones, and Spools. I walked with Davy Jones for the next two miles and then climbed yet again for the day, three more balds, before finally making it to Overmoutain Shelter. Nitrous pointed out to me I did bonus miles as well… I accidentally did a mile extra, making my total for the day 24. Tomorrow is just 18, but I may go farther depending on how early I get to the shelter. On to Kincora Hostel in two days! This is a photo of Roan Mtn after I climbed it, looking as mean as it truly was!


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