Day 35
Today was another longer day, close to 20 miles again to get to Partnership Shelter. Nokey and I were hiking together all day and had a blast. We left Hurricane Mtn late and had a gentle downhill early that morning. We saw a pretty waterfall and had some mountain climbing as well. When we stopped at Trimpi Shelter, Nitrous showed up on our way out! Toward the end of the day, my Achilles tendon was pulling again and we had to slow down a bit, but we put on some music for the last four miles and had some fun. When we got to Partnership, Dances with Flies handed us beer and James Brown’s “I feel good” started playing on Nokey’s phone. Snagglefoot, Cowtail, and I got a ride into Marion and bought a bunch of brats, hot dogs, chilli, and beer. We had a huge cookout at the shelter and had an awesome night!


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