Day 38
Today we woke up to torrential rain! It started about 1 am and kept going until about 6:45. Nokey and I were thankful we slept in the shelter and didn’t have to lug around wet tents. We started the day with a tough climb up, five miles, and we decided today we’d not set any expectations. We called it ‘meander morning.’ Less than 2 hours went by and we hit our first 5. We were making good time today and then Brownie and Wall-e came flying by! Brownie made the comment that it just felt wrong to pass me and Wall-e said he would document it in his journal, ha! They started the same day as me and this is the first time they’ve ever passed me hiking! We met up with them again at trail magic about 10 miles in! Free cokes and granola made me happy! The next 7 miles were long and undulating with no views yet again. Virginia, you’re wearing me out! When I met up with Nokey again, we’d gone 20.7 in 8 hours with long breaks, so I was making good time, but I was spent! We pushed on, however, to camp at the 600-mile mark. We were psyched to have done it and hiked 25-mile day in less than 9.5 hours. We celebrated by eating a ton of food, mostly because we were starving! The photo below is of some cascades at the 5-mile mark this morning.


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