Day 48
We zeroed yesterday and absolutely nothing of interest happened, hence the missing day 47 post 🙂 Today, Nokey and I got up early and headed out for McAfee Knob! We have been waiting for McAfee for nearly 700 miles! Before we got there though, we had to climb up and away from 4 Pines and up to mile 700. We had pretty decent trail and stopped at the parking lot for an early, long lunch. We met Anna and Vijay also, who we’d see again later. The climb up to McAfee’s was super easy and went quickly. We hung out up there for two hours and took a ton of photos with our friends before moving onward. We stopped again for a long snack break just before Tinker Cliffs. Snagglefoot was with us now and we all hiked together until the cliffs. This is where we lost Snagglefoot for a while. He was right with us and we didn’t see him, so we figured he moved on without looking at the view. We took more photos and watched a storm blow in, so we decided to push on the 1.2 to the shelter. It started pouring rain about 10 minutes later so we ran for it! We got to the shelter and Snagglefoot wasn’t there. He showed up 30 minutes later. Turns out he fell off Tinker Cliffs! He was thankfully okay with the exception of a tweaked knee. Trog and Alpo showed up too in the rain. Tomorrow, we head back into Daleville for laundry and showers with resupply! The photo is Snagglefoot, me, and Nokey at McAfee’s Knob.


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