Day 50
We headed out of Daleville this morning and had the easiest day out of town we have ever done! We started the day with a gradual climb and the first 5 miles went quick. We stopped for a few breaks and went to have lunch down by Curry Creek. We headed up to the next shelter and hung out with Swamprat for a while before pushing on to Bobblet Gap and our first of many run-ins with the Blue Ridge Parkway. When we got to Black Horse Gap, we also left the beautifully maintained Roanoke ATC trail and ran back into rocky, steep terrain again. It was amazing to see the difference! We crossed the BRP several times and finally made it to Bobblet Gap to see Feathers, Wild Turky, and Dances With Flies were there. It was a great group to see at the end of the day. The photo is of an old overlook on part of the BRP that is no longer used. The old wall is massive!


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