Day 44
We started late again, 10 am. We left The Captain’s and walked along a level bank by the river for a little while. We had a big climb to a rocky ridgeline, which slowed us down a bit. There was a great view past this though called Wind Rock. Two views in two days?! Say it isn’t so! From here we had more pleasant walking until mile 14, when we began a big uphill. The hill wasn’t do bad and there was trail magic by a road about 2/3 up! Got a grapefruit for breakfast from the box too! We pushed up the last part of the hill, over Kelly Knob (yep, the second one of the trip) and then downhill to the shelter. It was full of section hikers, but they moved to their tents to let the thru hikers use it, which was awesome. I got to use my new trail name all day today too, Sprinkles! It suits me a lot better. The guys call me Sprinkles because I always want more dessert 🙂 The photo is of Nokey on the “trail” today, which is a term I use loosely since the trail is covered in rocks!


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