Day 45
Waking up today after sleeping in the shelter was rough! I was achy and sore, plus we woke up in cold weather as well. We had a short 3 miles to go to Keiffer Oak, the largest oak tree in the south and it’s over 300 years old. From here, we walked through a meadow and up Bruiser Knob. The hill was tough and rocky and I was over it. I’d had enough and had to cry. I told Flash I was pretty sure I was dropping out in Daleville as I was struggling for two weeks and I’m no longer enjoying the hiking. Finally, I get to the top of the hill. All of a sudden, the trail was maintained. No more rocks, no more straight ups. Now we have views! The boys got tired and I all of a sudden got my legs! I ran three miles in less than 45 minutes with Nokey and Snagglefoot behind me. We got to Niday Shelter and the boys wanted to stop for the night. I felt like I had 10 miles left in me, but I wanted to hang out with them. It was awesome to finally have a good note to end my day. The photo is of the meadow we walked through in the morning.


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