Day 52
I woke up today determined to not let Virignia beat me. We planned another big day with lots of climbing, but I was ready! We started our day with the ascent of Floyd Mountain and lots of undulation afterward. We passed a ton of people today being that it was the weekend, including a Girl Scout troop who asked a lot of questions about thru hiking. We climbed Apple Orchard Mountain and had a fabulous view for the first time in forever! Then, on to The Gulliotine, a super cool rock formation. We pushed on, but lost a lot of time by talking to so many people. We ate dinner at a campsite and decided to try and push on to Matt’s Creek when we were told more than 20 Boy Scputs were there. We decided a good night’s sleep was more important than the miles and stopped about a mile short of the shelter to stealth camp. We watched the sunset over the James River and talked about how excited we were to hit mile 800 tomorrow. Virigina, I’ve conquered you yet another day!


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