Day 55
Woke up at 1 am very sick. I threw up nearly all night. We found out I had a cell signal and called Dutch Haus B&B who agreed to take us in for the night. We had to walk 3.4 miles first. Walking this 3.4 miles while throwing up was easily my worst experience on the trail and I’ve never felt more miserable. Thankfully, nearly all of it was downhill to the parking lot. We got to the meadow at the parking lot and I laid down in the grass to rest. Our ride came half an hour early and we were at Dutch Haus at 10:30. They let us bunk in the basement near a bathroom. They provided us a lunch of sloppy joes, veggies, and pasta. I had been talking about sloppy joes for nearly three weeks and only was able to eat a few bites 😦 I was able to rest all day at least and I’m hoping to regain my strength tomorrow. The photo is of Dutch Haus.


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