Day 54
We woke up feeling sore, but good this morning and got a super early start with no destination in mind. We had a mostly downhill hike for the first 9.5 miles. We took a break at Brown Mountain Shelter, which is in an old community of Brown Creek, a community where freed slaves lived from after the Civil War to 1910. It was so cool to see remnants of an old town. It was like being home in the Smokies again. Now, we climb up, up, up a total of 3,000 feet to the three humps! We pushed hard and got to here we wanted to camp at 4 pm, so we decided to push on as far as we could go. At 5:30, we were both exhausted and decided we had to keep moving at least to mile 23 since there wasn’t any water and we wouldn’t be able to eat. Then, I had an epiphany! I had a can of Pepsi in my pack from trail magic that morning and a banana! I caught up to Nokey and told him I really wanted a 25-mile day and he agreed! We shared the Pepsi and he had chocolate-covered espresso beans. I ate the banana and off we went! We climbed a rocky bald and ran to Seely-Woodward shelter, 4.6 miles, in less than an hour and 10 minutes! We were so stoked and Nokey had his biggest mileage day yet! We were tired and very happy!


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