Day 70
After three days off, it was time to leave the comfort of Joe and Fran’s and all the good food. We got dropped off with Flash in Harpers Ferry and walked back down the blue blaze to the AT once again. We got to walk through the historic town and over the river to the C&O Canal trail, which runs 160 miles through MD and WV. We walked in to Maryland without much notice and began our climb to Weaverton Cliffs. From here, it was nice and easy ridge walking with a few rocky places. We reached Gathland Park around 4 pm and met Jerry and Anne and talked with them a bit as we drank a rootbeer and ate dinner. After leaving them, we walked past a war memorial and an old barn and then headed up a hill to Lambs Knoll. Flash had a phone number for a guy who was doing trail magic a few days prior and called him up to see if we could stay at his house. He couldn’t take any hikers tonight, but offered to slackpack us to Dahlgren Campground and buy us pizza for dinner! We called a pizza place from a parking lot close to the campground and they delivered it to us! A backpackers campground with hot water, electricity, and pizza delivery?! Maryland is some kind of heaven! The photo is of the War Correspondents monument.


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