Day 73
Our day today was easily split into two parts. Our first half was up a 1000-foot climb to Chimney Rocks followed by an undulation through three different boulder fields. This was challenging, but never hard. The rocks were actually kind of fun and didnt really slow us down too much. We then went downhill and into Caledonia State Park, where a pool, creek, and snack bar awaited! We took a 2-hour lunch break in the shade and were joined by Flash, Byline, and two other hikers as well. As tempting as it was to stay put. We had to keep moving to get to our final stop. We climbed a steep hill up South Mountain to the Quarry Gap Shelters, which welcomed us with a picket fence, fresh flowers, and a water feature! We were sad we weren’t staying there, but we had an easy 7.5 miles to go to our shelter. We did the miles quickly and came to Tom’s Run early. The shelter was gorgeous and in great shape. We had a good time hanging out with Big Sky, Jaws, and Tube Socks. It was an awesome end to an easy day. The photo is of the quarry gap shelters.


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