Day 91
Today we had a 15.1-mile day planned, but we were going to leave early and take our time due to the heat and lack of water. We left the shelter early and Nokey went down to fill up a water bottle. Turns out the spring he walked to was dry, so he had to wait a few miles for extra water. Thankfully, he had enough to get there! We had a bit of undulation at first, then a big down hill to a campsite with picnic tables and a swimming hole! It was still early, so we stocked up on water and headed uphill to the Fort Dietrich Snyder Monument for lunch. DK and Big E were there and we had lunch with them and Otto. Just before we left, Medicine Man showed up as well. We headed on as it was really getting hot and we wanted to take some more breaks to avoid the heat. We got to Eagle’s Nest Shelter trail at about 4:30 and it was hot and we were out of water. There was a 0.3-mile walk to get water from a slow-moving creek filled with Mosquitos. By that point, we were beat and dehydrated, so we decided to stay at the campsite at Eagle’s Nest. Otto, Turtle, Bubblefoot, MedicineMan, FatherMan, Pelican, and Clify were all showing up as well. We all took an hour nap in our tents due to the heat before starting a smoke fire (to keep mosquitos down) and cook dinner. We all hung out before calling it a night around 9 pm. The photo is of me sitting on a pine tree that was growing in a crazy shape.


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