Day 93
We had a little bit of rain last night, but just a sprinkle. We woke up to trail magic from Q-tip’s parents who had come to pick him up and take him back to NC. We sat around and snacked and said goodbye. Bag of Tricks and Jester showed up to slackpack us all 16 miles out to Eckville Shelter. We were pretty excited considering the hill out of Port Clinton was pretty steep. We emptied out our gear except for water and food and headed on up the hill. Testament was with us and we moved up the hill quick. We found some great springs flowing pretty well. We took a lot of breaks as it was hot and humid. We had a lot of undulation, but then a big downhill to Windsor Furnace and the shelter for lunch. We met Tripping Yeti there and hung out for a bit before heading up to The Pulpit and an astronomical park. We met a few ladies up there and talked to them about the trail. We then headed to The Pinnacle and had another break. Thankfully, there was finally some cloud cover. From here, we had nice easy walking on an old roadbed. We found Wild Turky, Flies, Feathers, and Rainman on the way down to the shelter and the eight of us walked together for a while before Testament and Nokey took off on a run for the first spot in the shower. When I arrived at the shelter, everyone asked where Nokey was. He ran right past the shelter with Tripping Yeti and was a half mile away! He finally came back to pick up all his gear from the slackpack and then the two of us headed on to a campsite half a mile down the hill. We camped next to a creek and started a fire to keep the bugs away. We got into the tent and got ready to go to sleep. At 9:30, Risky Business showed up for the night. We talked to him for a bit before getting some sleep. The photo is Testament, me, and Nokey on Pulpit Rock.


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