Day 97
With a Camelbak full of metallic water, we headed down the mountain to Delaware Water Gap! It rained a bit last night, so we got a later start of 8 am. We left camp to a downhill, but thankfully the rocks aren’t as brutal this morning! We had quicker walking and got to Totts Gap and an abandoned road in less than 1.5 hours. We made the easy climb to Mt Minsi and Nokey and I took a break at an abandoned firetower site. From here, we had a rocky downhill stumble into DWG! There were lots of dayhikers out for the holiday and we passed nearly 20 people. Halfway down, the landscape changed from dry and rocky to wet and rhododendron! It was a beautiful last mile into town, passing a pond with lots of lillypads! We walked down in to town and straight to the Village Market to get something to eat and drink. We then went to pick up our resupply boxes and to the hostel for a shower. It was blistering hot. We couldn’t take the heat any longer and no place we went had AC. We say in a pizza shop for a while and met Pocahantas, Leggs, and Houdini. We found out the Pocono Inn had AC, so we broke down our tent and headed there for some relaxation! Tomorrow we head in to New Jersey, state #8!


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