Day 108
We woke up at 6:45 and got ready for breakfast – homemade waffles and bacon with juice and coffee! We also got another surprise – showers! After the shower and some phone calls, we headed out to get into Pawling as we all three needed to get to the post office Monday morning. We headed up the first of a few ascents and the trail was beautifully maintained. There were switchbacks and even the rocks sticking out of the ground were painted white so you could see them. Lots of Hikers came past us this morning and were lunching at the shelter, but we pushed on to sit down by the railroad tracks. After lunch, we ran in to trail magic from Mom, an orange soda and a ride in to Pawling! We got to town just as it started to rain and ran into Chiba at the laundromat. We did laundry and sat at the pub eating wings and drinking beer while waiting for Testament. We ended up camping at the pavilion in the park about a mile from town and were able to tent out of the rain. The photo is me at a large oak tree on trail this day.


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