Day 109
We had time to kill this morning so we sat at the pavilion when a familiar face showed up – Trail Momma! She gave us the ride the 1 mile to town to get to the post office and also gave us Gatorade and candy. We sorted through our drops at the library and then hopped back out on the road for a quick hitch to the trail. We immediately began climbing Hammersly Ridge. The ridge was a bit tough, but the scenery was beautiful and I saw a fawn and doe on the ridge. We descended to a point only 1 mile from the CT border and got some trail magic from Mac and Cheese, who welcomed us to the state with ice water and cookies! We got to the first CT border quickly and crossed into and out of the state 3 times. We climbed Ten Mile Hill and then back down to Ten Mile River. We sat down there for a break before our big ascent into camp. Testament decided his shoes were too wet to walk in, so he took them off and continued barefoot! We climbed a huge mountain up to Indian Rocks and then slowly walked on an undulating ridge to our campsite. We got there totally out of water after passing several dry streams to find there was a small, muddy, mosquito-filled pool of water. Overdrive and Peach were also there! I haven’t seen Overdrive since Damascus, Va over 1000 miles ago! We pumped water and hung out for a few hours after eating all the junk food we had in our drop boxes. The photo is me at the CT border.


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