Day 112
After a great breakfast last night, waking up in the yard to a cafe was the most epic feeling. We wandered in to fresh muffins out of the oven and three types of coffee. It was tasty, but we had to hike on. We headed out and climbed Mt Prospect and did some undulation before coming to a strange rock formation called Giant’s Thumb. We then walked downhill and did a road walk through Salisbury. We passed a large cemetery and then turned back into the woods for a lunch break. The crew from last night all caught up and we met a new hiker, Pacecar. We all had lunch and then moved on to another ascent to the lions’s head. After coming down from the rocks, we had a pretty flat section to walk through with several shelters and streams before we climbed our second Bear Mountain. At the top, there was a giant stone pile with views in to both MA and CT. We took photos before heading down. The steepness was reminiscent of the ledges a few days ago. We had to sit and scoot in some of them! At the bottom, in Sages Ravine, we were finally across another border and in to MA! We climbed an old roadbed up to Laurel Brook camp. We found an awesome spring up top with cold and clear water and filled up. We set up tents and decided to sleep with rainflies off since it was a 20% chance and finally cool enough to sleep. The photo today is Manboy on the rock tower on Bear Mountain.


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