Day 119
We woke up to coffee and Dunkin Donuts courtesy of Uncle Mike today! It was also nice to get a second shower and clean up before driving back to the trail in Dalton. We also stopped and visited with Nokey’s cousin Peter who recently broke his kneecap. I commiserated with him and reassured him that I broke my knee in 2010 and now I’m thru hiking!

We got back to town and ate leftovers of last night’s dinner before heading out back on the trail. We had a one-mile road walk through town before climbing up and out of Dalton. The hiking today was super easy after our initial 800-foot climb out and we walked past Gore Pond before coming to The Cobbles, which had beautiful views of the Hoosic River and the town of Cheshire below. We also had been walking on lots of marble today, which made for slick descents down the hills! After 9 miles, we came down into Cheshire and did some more road walking. All the locals on their porches warned of big storms headed our way. We checked the radar when we got to main street and saw that yet again there was a storm with large hail and tornado threats headed our way. We headed to St. Mary’s church to get a place to stay indoors and waited out the storm. It never materialized and we just got some heavy rains, but we were glad to be inside with dry gear. Well, almost. My Camelbak leaked today and soaked my down sleeping bag! At least it will have time to dry out before hiking tomorrow! Tomorrow we hit Vermont! The photo is from The Cobbles of the Hoosic River.


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