Day 127
We woke up this morning ready to face all the hills. Secrets and Shenanigans left out first and we told them we’d see them later. After a short downhill out of the shelter, we began the 8 miles of uphill and they were relentless! I hiked alone most of the morning as I had a pretty bad stomachache and Nokey pulled ahead. Around lunchtime i ran into hil waiting at a side trail to a lookout tower. We decided to walk the 2.6 to the shelter together from here, which was supposed to be relatively flat, but was mainly uphill. We got to the shelter and it was a steep downhill on a side trail to it. We got down and went for water, catching up with Great Lakes, Tall Grass, Shaggy, and a SOBO whose name escapes me. We had lunch and then we both ended up falling asleep on the shelter floor for nearly 2 hours! I guess we were tired! After waking up and refilling our water, we decided to hike on a few more miles to stealth camp. We had another “uphill” downhill into Woodstock before we had to steeply climb Dana Hill. This climb took a lot of energy from us, but we did get up and over quickly before coming to the next stream crossing. Since there was water here and we were tired, we decided to set up camp in the field nearby. We crashed early tonight and are hoping to rest well enough to face the hills tomorrow. The photo today is the view coming in to Woodstock.


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