Day 130
We took a zero day today after getting up late. Nokey wasn’t feeling well – headache and backache with sinus pressure and a fever – so we decided it would be best if we stayed in Hanover. After talking to Warren, he said it would be fine if we stayed and even offered to take us to EMS in West Lebanon. We went to EMS and Hannaford for a resupply. We then became masters of the public transportation system and rode the bus all over town all day long, accomplishing many chores and getting Nokey’s backpack replaced at EMS. We got a ton of free stuff too – free Snickers at the outfitter, free bagel and cream cheese at the Bagel Basement, free giant pizza slice at Ramuntos, and free sandwiches at Dan and Whitts. We got all out stuff washed a second time and stayed well-fed all day. Definitely ready for the tough New Hampshire mountains tomorrow! The photo is of a painted piano at the general store. There are 50 of these all throughout the neighboring towns for the summer.


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